University of California, Berkeley Leverages Sealed Storage Web3 Technology to Drive Innovative Neutrino Physics Research

  • Underground Physics Group, University of California, Berkeley Partnership with Seal storage technology Adopt distributed cloud storage for neutrino research data to support the development of new detection technologies
  • Seal is leading the adoption of Web3 by providing sustainable, affordable and constant storage for influential data.
  • Seal’s distributed platform stores an immutable copy of the dataset and distributes it globally. Data integrity is continuously verified and CoC is tracked. This provides reliability, data resoring, and security.

Berkeley, California When Toronto, June 8, 2022 / PRNewswire /-Neutrinos come from some of the most inspirational elements of the universe, such as black holes, exploding stars, and the Big Bang. Researchers such as Professor Gabriel Olebi Gunn and her group at the University of California, Berkeley have created detectors to trap these mysterious “ghost particles” and unravel the mysteries of the universe. SealStorage Technology, a Web3 distributed cloud storage provider, has partnered with the Berkeley Orebi Gann Group to provide secure, unchanging storage for neutrino data. Breakthrough research is not possible without a reliable place to store the data.

This new detector will be as large as 4 tons and a few meters. This is a prototype of Theia, a large detector of 25-100 kilotons and tens of meters. Such detectors can provide clues about the origin of the universe and push the boundaries of research from high energies to elementary particles and nuclear astrophysics. Because these detectors are huge, they create large amounts of data that require secure storage.

“Nuclear physics and particle physics experiments are increasingly required to store and access large amounts of important and unique data. Our team has a basic understanding of the nature and formation of the universe. We are developing new techniques to address the mystery and to be used for such applications. As a nuclear non-proliferation activity. We are working with the Seal team to create an index generated by next-generation experiments. We are excited to tackle the data processing challenges of functionally growing datasets, “says Gabriel Orebi Gann.

Seal facilitates the adoption of Web3 technology by providing sustainable, affordable and constant data storage on the Filecoin network. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that uses encryption to “store the most important information of mankind.” By certifying the storage using Filecoin’s secure encryption protocol, the seal sends the proof once a day and is verified by all nodes on the Filecoin network. Professor Orebi Gann and her team have commissioned Seal to prevent the loss or corruption of important research data. The Web3 component of data storage means that a failed or malicious actor is recognized by the distributed network and automatically removed.

“”Seal is proud to be entrusted with the storage of Professor Olebi Gunn’s neutrino data. We are excited to provide real-world applications for Web3 technology to leading research universities such as: Berkeley.. Such partnerships will advance the Web3 ecosystem and advance science and technology. ” Michael HorowitzCEO of Seal Storage Technology.

“With distributed storage, information availability is independent of a single server or enterprise, providing a more robust, secure and resilient platform for critical utility datasets,” said Filecoin Foundation President and CEO. The chair said. Mata Belcher.. “Filecoin’s mission is to store the most important information about humanity, and the use of this technology by the UC Berkeley Underground Physics Group and Seal is not surprising.”

By using Seal’s Web3 distributed cloud storage Berkeley Research maintains the autonomy of the data produced by the detector, rather than relying on a centralized platform to control the data. This partnership sets new trends in organizational data, research, blockchain, and Web3 storage technologies, pushing human technology advances to new limits.

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