Mystery space debris crash site found on the other side of the moon

A newly formed double crater on the far side of the moon near the Hertzsprung crater. image: NASA / Goddard / Arizona State University Observations by NASA’s Lunar Reconness Orbiter have allowed scientists to identify where a mysterious object (probably an abandoned rocket) collided with the Moon a few months ago. The crash site is … Read more

CEO of Sidus Space Chooses to Speak at International Space Convention and World Satellite Business Week | News

Cape Canaveral, Florida-(BUSINESS WIRE)-June 24, 2022- Space-as-a-Service satellite company Sidus Space, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIDU) focuses on mission-critical hardware manufacturing. Interdisciplinary engineering services. Satellite design, manufacturing, launch planning, mission operation. With in-orbit support, Sidus Space CEO and Founder Carol Craig has been selected as a face-to-face speaker for the International Space Convention (ISC) 2022 in Bursa, … Read more

Tang wins DOE Early Career Research Award

Newswise — Zhaowen Tang, Dynamic Imaging and Radiography Group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, received the prestigious Early Career Research Program Funding Award from the Department of Science of the Ministry of Energy. The program is now in its thirteenth year and strengthens the country’s scientific workforce by supporting outstanding researchers during important early … Read more

South Korea carries out the first successful homemade space rocket launch

Seoul, South Korea- South Korea successfully launched its first home-made space rocket on Tuesday, boosting the country’s ambitions for a growing space, as well as space-based surveillance in hostility to rival North Korea, officials said. It proved to have important technology for building systems and larger missiles. According to the Ministry of Science, the three-stage … Read more

Blue Origin launches the first Mexican-born woman to go to space

A 60-foot-high ballistic rocket took off from a facility at Blue Origin in western Texas at 9:26 am, launching a group of six people more than 62 miles above the surface of the Earth. It is widely believed that this creates the boundaries of outer space. — And give them a few minutes of weightlessness … Read more

Demonstration missions to test the new “space tag” continue to flatfish

Vigoride-3 artist concept. image: Momentum California-based Momentus is currently conducting the first tests of a track-moving vehicle known as the Vigoride-3, but the 180-day demo mission is off to a good start. According to the latest Momentus, the Vigoride-3 orbit transfer vehicle in space since late May has been operating at low power and may … Read more

The repetition of high-speed radio bursts from space is strange.This is even stranger

A version of this story was published in CNN’s Wonder Theory Newsletter. To put it in your inbox Sign up for free from here.. CNN — — Believing that the impossible is a puzzle waiting to be solved is clearly a human feature. We are driven to determine if “the truth is there”. If all … Read more

When he went to space, William Shatner “cryed” with sadness.

According to publishers Simon and Schuster, he will publish a book called “Boldly Go” this fall, which is claimed as a kind of philosophical consideration of his life, career, and “interoperability of everything”. It’s a schedule. He is also the face of a new coding contest that offers winners the opportunity to travel over 18 … Read more