The University of Texas Reactor Can Give Clues to the Future of Space Travel

Austin (KXAN) —The JJ Pickle Research Campus in northern Austin has a nuclear reactor, one of the most powerful power sources on the planet. Little is known about the fact that there are active nuclear reactors in the immediate vicinity of downtown, even if they have been here for decades. The reactor at UT’s JJ … Read more

What is the solution to the climate crisis?The Earth is one step closer to sustainable space-based solar power

Forget that roofs, power plants and solar panels on wind turbines are ruining our landscape. Space-based solar power can be closer to reality than we once thought. Researchers at Xi’an Electronics University of Technology have completed testing and inspection of a new tower that could pave the way for China’s space-based solar power generation. This … Read more

The Pentagon wants Elon Musk to drop soldiers into conflict from space

The Pentagon is working with Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, to explore the possibility of using the company’s rockets to drop troops and equipment to flash points around the world. According to a partially edited research agreement, military cooperation with private space companies was first obtained by interception at the request of the Information Disclosure Act … Read more

Spaces are crowded, cluttered and dangerous, the expert says, and it requires better road rules.

A family on a beach watches a rocket launch.

The universe, as we said, is the last frontier. A vast, empty area awaiting exploration and conquest. This idea may sound appealing, but social scientist and lawyer Douglas Rigall says it’s not only problematic but also wrong. The universe, or at least relatively close to Earth, is actually a very crowded, messy, and increasingly dangerous … Read more

Achieve next-generation Space IoT with Unified Memory Architecture

Talk June 16, 2022 Space-specific environmental challenges require true distributed edge computing for scale and autonomous operations. These systems must have sufficient processing power and an improved memory architecture to support the huge collection and processing of data in real time. Standardizing a common flexible architecture that employs universal memory is robust with optimized size, … Read more

Successful space solar power system test in China

Space solar power: A dish-shaped solar power collection array, beaming power down to Earth.

Currently, this is the most studied US version of the concept of space solar power. This is called SPS-ALPHA (short for solar power satellites, optionally via a large phased array) and is part of NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. Illustration / wired by John Mankins. Researchers at Xi’an University of Electronics and Technology in … Read more

Did the Chinese FAST Telescope detect alien intelligence?


FAST – the world’s largest dish-type radio telescope – launched a program to search for alien intelligence in 2020. This year, we detected a “suspicious” signal while observing an exoplanet. Image by Ou Dongqu / Xinhua / ZUMA / Nature. China’s high-speed telescope: the world’s largest radio telescope On Twitter this afternoon (June 14, 2022), … Read more

Kennedy Space Center celebrates 60 years and learns from 60 years of lessons

Kennedy Space Center, Florida. – NASA began building a vast site in the swamps of Central Florida on Merritt Island in 1962, when Americans soared into the sky and walked on the moon. Bob Sieg, a former Space Shuttle launch director and member of the Gemini and Apollo launch teams, was there from the beginning. … Read more

New physics theory suggests that black holes are the key to the cycle of expansion and contraction of the universe.

The universe is expanding. No one with astronomy or physics expertise disagrees with that fact. Similarly, at some point billions of years away, no one argues for the expansion of the universe. Too far— And run out of energy for further expansion. At that point, something needs to be changed. From there, disagreements begin. There … Read more

Our powerful and shiny new telescope got the first upset sound

Lee Feinberg was on vacation, and he deserved it. In late May, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center manager, Feinberg, spent “incredibly tense months” working to carefully place mirrors on the world’s newest and most powerful space telescope. Led. Gold-coated tiles (18 in total, arranged in a honeycomb shape) were properly placed. The success of an … Read more