Space Force wants a louder voice in military operations

The 1st Range Operations Squadron range operations commanders manage operations inside the Morrell Operations Center in support of the Orbital Flight Test 2 launch, May 19, 2022, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Fla. The MOC supports every space launch from CCSFS and Kennedy Space Center. (Senior Airman Dakota Raub/Space Force)

After finding the ocean, the foot of space, for two years, the Space Force has begun to fight for more influence at home and on the battlefield. For the first two years, the Space Force has focused on organizing, training, and equipping its troops for the United States Space Command. Military space assets are the … Read more

Space Force says DARC software is on track, following GAO’s concerns


Deep Space Altitude Radar Function (Graphics: Northrop Grumman) Washington: The Space Force says the risk of efforts to develop new radar software for exploring deep space is actually diminishing. .. Ground-based Deep Space Altitude Radar Function (DARC) allows satellites to evade normal radar. The ultimate goal is one in the Indo-Pacific, one in Europe, and … Read more

Space Force envisions a digital future for testing and training

Washington — When Lieutenant General Chance Salzman thinks about how the Space Force will train guardians and test systems in the future, he envisions an integrated digital infrastructure. Salzmann, Deputy Chief of Space Operations, Cyber ​​and Nuclear Services, will enable space operators to virtually connect and practice tactics, evaluate new satellites and sensors in a … Read more

Space Development Agency gets two more launches with House Defense markup

NROL-85 mission launches from Vandenberg Space Force Base

The April SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was procured from the Vandenberg Air Force Base with the NRO mission (NROL-85) through the National Security Space Launch (NSSL) program. Washington: The 2023 House Defense Spending Bill announced today meets the Space Force’s unfunded priority list for two additional launches by the Space Development Agency and is funded … Read more