With billions of dollars at stake, lobbying heats up for future rights to the space force’s launch.

NSSL 7 may 2020 ULA pic

Atlas V, carrying USSF-7 missions under the National Security Space Launch Program, will be launched on May 17, 2020. (Photo courtesy of United Launch Alliance) Washington: As the Space Force begins planning its next contract round for national security launch services after 2027, action at Capitol Hill has become more active and industry lobbying has … Read more

Space Force says DARC software is on track, following GAO’s concerns


Deep Space Altitude Radar Function (Graphics: Northrop Grumman) Washington: The Space Force says the risk of efforts to develop new radar software for exploring deep space is actually diminishing. .. Ground-based Deep Space Altitude Radar Function (DARC) allows satellites to evade normal radar. The ultimate goal is one in the Indo-Pacific, one in Europe, and … Read more

British startup testing small engines for (relatively) high-speed space maneuvers


Magdrive’s goal is to create an efficient, high-thrust propulsion system for operating in space beyond Earth’s orbit to the Moon. (Image: NASA) Washington: “Small but powerful” may be the catchphrase for British startup Magdrive’s small spacecraft propulsion engine. Efficient It spins from the majestic movement provided by the electric thruster to the burst of speed … Read more

Space Development Agency gets two more launches with House Defense markup

NROL-85 mission launches from Vandenberg Space Force Base

The April SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was procured from the Vandenberg Air Force Base with the NRO mission (NROL-85) through the National Security Space Launch (NSSL) program. Washington: The 2023 House Defense Spending Bill announced today meets the Space Force’s unfunded priority list for two additional launches by the Space Development Agency and is funded … Read more