A married female teacher who shed tears after being convicted of kissing and dancing with a 17-year-old student

Physics teacher Ashley McConnell (pictured) was guilty of kissing a teenage student at a local nightclub in Caithness, Scotland, after telling the school boss

A married female physics teacher was convicted of kissing and dancing with a teenage male student at a local nightclub. Ashley McConnell, then 30 years old, wept yesterday when she fought for work at a hearing in front of the Scottish General Education Council. A physics teacher teaching at Thurso High School in Caithness was … Read more

The teacher admitted “excessive amounts of alcohol” on the night she allegedly kissed and groped her students, 17

Miss McDonnell is said to have sexually danced with sixth grade students at a local Skinandy nightclub in March 2018.

The teacher, who was accused of kissing and groping for students, admitted that he drank “excessive amounts of alcohol” on the night in question. Ashley McConnell, 34, said she and her friends visited several bars in March 2018 while outing at Thurso in Caithness, ordering two drinks and shots at a time. Said. The physics … Read more

A key team of Clemson researchers working to better predict space weather | News

Five years ago, solar flares knocked out radio communications as Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean Sea as a Category 5 storm. Radiation and plasma blown toward Earth by the Sun in 1989 crashed Canada’s power grid, losing millions of electricity over up to nine hours. It became known as “the day when the sun brought … Read more

DNR is considering leasing more land to Camp Gray Ring to expand National Guard training space

Thymallus thythys, Mississippi (FOX 2) ―――― Under the new proposal, the military wants to rent 162,000 acres of land near Camp Gray Ring from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to expand the training space for the National Guard. According to the military, the facility currently uses 147,000 acres of training land. Approximately 45,000 acres … Read more

“People are beginning to see space as a place to travel and invest. Space is no longer the case.

Israel’s space technology industry is set to take off, with numerous new startups emerging and an astronomical percentage of government, including the recently announced 600 million NIS ($ 176 million) for space technology research and development. There is also a grant. And this is all in areas that, until a few years ago, many thought … Read more

The child’s commissioner says, “Girls like difficult math,” after claiming that girls don’t want to do physics.

Children's commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza said at a conference in Birmingham that girls like difficult math, which is all postponed to cover the subject in the men's physics classroom.

The children’s committee said the girl “likes difficult math” in a clear criticism of another government emperor’s previous comment that she hates taking A-level physics. At the Confederation of School Trusts annual meeting in Birmingham on Friday, Dame Rachel de Souza said he had opened Sir Isaac Newton, a post-16 free school in mathematics and … Read more