The James Webb Space Telescope can teach us more than just the universe

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Head south and climb on a replica of the NASA Space Center Houston Space Shuttle | Fort Hood Herald

SEABROOK — Head to Seabrook this weekend to enjoy waterfront views on the Barge 295, known as “Texas’s only floating bar in Barge,” while enjoying fresh Gulf seafood and chilled drinks. Reserve a seat at the bar and patio on the upper or lower floors, watch the ships sailing in Spirit Spirit, and order a … Read more

Hubble’s most iconic image is smoked by NASA’s new space telescope, but it’s not Webb

NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope can carry out similar, but much larger mega-exposure .. .. [+] Than Hubble’s famous ultra-depth field image. GSFC / SVS The James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) will become an instant icon on July 12, 2022, when NASA and ESA publish a collection of “First Light” photographs. However, little has … Read more

Beautiful images created using retired telescope data reveal the mystery of cosmic dust

New images using data from retired ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA missions show dust filling the space between the stars of the four galaxies closest to our Milky Way. Impressive photographs also give insight into how dramatically the density of dust clouds changes within the galaxy. Cosmic dust has a viscosity similar to smoke. … Read more

10 must-see websites about space that change the way you think about space

Wooden desk and two computer laptops on a futuristic city background Getty The universe is back in fashion. The blockade created millions of our Stargazers, whether they were looking up at the night sky to see some constellations from our backyard, or staring at the moon through a window. For some time, just the increase … Read more

Lake County, CA News-Space News: Caught a dead star tearing through a planetary system

The tragedy of the star’s death has devastated its planetary system, so the remaining dead stars, called white dwarfs, are sucking debris from both the inside and outside of the system. This is the first time an astronomer has observed a white dwarf consuming both rock metal and ice, which are constituents of the planet. … Read more

Kennedy Space Center celebrates 60 years and learns from 60 years of lessons

Kennedy Space Center, Florida. – NASA began building a vast site in the swamps of Central Florida on Merritt Island in 1962, when Americans soared into the sky and walked on the moon. Bob Sieg, a former Space Shuttle launch director and member of the Gemini and Apollo launch teams, was there from the beginning. … Read more

The repetition of high-speed radio bursts from space is strange.This is even stranger

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