The James Webb Space Telescope can teach us more than just the universe

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Hubble’s most iconic image is smoked by NASA’s new space telescope, but it’s not Webb

NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope can carry out similar, but much larger mega-exposure .. .. [+] Than Hubble’s famous ultra-depth field image. GSFC / SVS The James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) will become an instant icon on July 12, 2022, when NASA and ESA publish a collection of “First Light” photographs. However, little has … Read more

Our powerful and shiny new telescope got the first upset sound

Lee Feinberg was on vacation, and he deserved it. In late May, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center manager, Feinberg, spent “incredibly tense months” working to carefully place mirrors on the world’s newest and most powerful space telescope. Led. Gold-coated tiles (18 in total, arranged in a honeycomb shape) were properly placed. The success of an … Read more