A key team of Clemson researchers working to better predict space weather | News

Five years ago, solar flares knocked out radio communications as Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean Sea as a Category 5 storm. Radiation and plasma blown toward Earth by the Sun in 1989 crashed Canada’s power grid, losing millions of electricity over up to nine hours. It became known as “the day when the sun brought … Read more

Brentwood Initiative Protects Open Spaces, Parks

On Tuesday, Brentwood proceeded with a plan to draft a ballot initiative to protect its open spaces, parks and golf courses from future developments. The bill still has to return to the city council for a final vote, but members of the council provided staff with instructions and recommendations regarding the proposed amendment. The Brentwood … Read more

Demonstration missions to test the new “space tag” continue to flatfish

Vigoride-3 artist concept. image: Momentum California-based Momentus is currently conducting the first tests of a track-moving vehicle known as the Vigoride-3, but the 180-day demo mission is off to a good start. According to the latest Momentus, the Vigoride-3 orbit transfer vehicle in space since late May has been operating at low power and may … Read more

NASA says a small space rock influenced the James Webb Space Telescope

In a new home far from Earth, the James Webb Space Telescope may not be as alone as it looks. The pockets of the space occupied by the telescope are not a perfect vacuum. And now unavoidable things have happened, with small rock fragments, micrometeorites colliding with one of Webb’s mirror segments. But don’t panic. … Read more