Physics / Time Engineering 404: Retrograde Causal Time Travel

instructor: Garen T. Pickett

office: HSTS 204

business hours: MWF 10–10: 50

Class encounter: MWF 11–11: 50, HSTS 100

Welcome to Phys / TempE 404: Retrograde Causal Time Travel! This is a mandatory advanced course in the physics curriculum here at Miskatonic University of Technology. Some of you are also taking this course as an advanced elective in your time engineering degree program — Welcome to the Department of Physics (and throw away all hope!). My office is on the 2nd floor of the Science Time and Motion Study Hall. Once the door opens, feel free to stop by for course-related, science-related, or why the portal is embedded in every staircase leading upstairs. Seriously, during business hours: AMA — Ask me anything — but only during business hours and in my office thank you!

This course explores the basics of moving to both the “past” and “future” light cones in normal space-time. In the beginner’s course work, we explored the causal structure of normal space-time. Niven’s theorem is the basis for the conclusions to be drawn from the course of study. That is, “a universe capable of any movement of time naturally destroys the conditions under which its mechanism is discovered or adopted.”

Investigate a practical violation of Niven’s theorem.That is, you will be happy to know it More than half of the students who want to take this course will achieve a passing score. Final! At some point, the distant future, the distant past, and now for some of you!

The final project will require you to create a working time machine using what you have learned in this course and the materials of the undergraduate project lab, so the enclosed liability exemption will indemnify the institute (and humble professor). Must be signed. If you work accidentally (or intentionally), your existence, the existence of the laboratory, or perhaps the universe itself will be erased.

The textbooks used this semester will be published more than 100 years later. Overtime Shadow: The principle of a closed orbit like time in space-time (2nd Edition) By Professor Howard Lovecraft, a giant in our field, a 1963 Nobel laureate and a former member of our division. There were several books in the bookstore two years ago, but if you can get the 4th edition, you can probably use it. Some issues in Chapter 5 are numbered differently in the 4th edition compared to the 2nd edition, so you should consult your classmates if you have a new edition of this book. 3rd and 1st editions do not exist (cf. Niven’s Law), therefore, those who plan to use these will earn an additional 10% credit bonus score for all question sets assigned in the previous semester.

There are a total of eight question sets in this course, each submitted to the Campus Learning Management System drop box at 4 pm today. Blackboard Hole.. I now know that you are accustomed to the irrational demands our faculty place on you for MSIT students. I regularly ask to “drink water from the fire hose”, but I am confident that most of the work will be completed and submitted by the deadline. Our school motto has it: Non-intello, ergo non-cibis totalOr “If you don’t understand it yourself, don’t belong here”, rendered vulgarly by a student in a scribbled plot by Randolph Carter Hall, “Only life can kill you “And” IHTFP “are produced.

The final exam took place last month and I uploaded your final grades to Blackboard Hole Where you could have inspected them. Some may give advice such as “How did you fail a course you haven’t taken yet?” Of course, this is a completely natural question.

If you have any questions about grades and how to give points (others), please feel free to contact us by e-mail. I receive thousands of emails every day, from the distant future to the past. From the nutcases of the 1700s to the ones that ask you to see the manuscripts that rock the world. Principal Mathematics, The obscured and less obscured threats from the immeasurable cosmic beings that do serious harm to us, or I must immediately participate in their latest investment opportunities. palce. The institute’s accountant, one such entity, will certainly keep in touch with each and every one of you.answer Them e-mail. Please.

The medium-term project involves a very small task of sending a message to great-grandparents and instructing the institute to open an interest-bearing account. A passing score on a mid-term project will almost certainly fund the entire MSIT education.

My policy on allocation delays or omissions Complete the final project.. Delayed allocations will not be accepted as credit. One exception to this policy is related to the final project. If the time machine completes successfully, you will get any length extension. But in that case, I don’t think it will be necessary.

Those who wish to cancel the course can also send an appropriate message two weeks in advance as part of their mid-term project.

We hope you enjoy this semester. I’m always looking forward to it, looking backwards.

The inside story of the story

Galen T. Pickett reveals the inspiration behind Physics / Time Engineering 404: Retrograde Causal Time Travel..

In the spring, the youth’s feelings may lightly turn into love feelings, but at the end of summer my feelings are always “Dear, where have you always been … You have to prepare for the syllabus!” It turns into a feeling. The end point of my panicked perception that I was (yet) out of time was the syllabus fantasy shown here.

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