Teaching physics to AI makes students a master–ScienceDaily

Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated that by incorporating known physics into machine learning algorithms, a mysterious black box can help gain new levels of transparency and insight into material properties. In one of the first projects of this kind, researchers are modern machines to characterize a class of engineering materials called metamaterials and predict … Read more

Coworking Startup Workbox is trying to provide more than just flexible office space

Photo: Workbox Indeed, the latest initiatives from industry Tesla, Apple and Google tend to dominate the tech news space-and for good reason. Still, tech giants aren’t the only ones bringing innovation to this sector. To highlight up-and-coming start-ups, BuiltIn has launched The Future 5 at 11 major US technology hubs. Each quarter, each of these … Read more

What are neutrinos and how can we measure their mass?

Of all the elementary particles in the universe, neutrinos may be the strangest. These mysterious little energy packets, also known as “ghost particles,” are uncharged, have little mass, and come in at least three different varieties. With new research, science is closer than ever to understanding the properties of neutrinos, from their size to their … Read more

“Callisto Protocol” is more like “God of War” than “Dead Space” — that’s why

Callisto protocol Is one of the most anticipated games due out in 2022, especially after an impressive show at the Summer Game Fest.In a stream full of almost the same eerie space games, it’s horrifying combat, volatile atmosphere, and Dead Space..But as Glen Schofield — Head of Developer Striking Distance and Author Dead Space — … Read more

Space Force license plate coming to Colorado

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station sign

Colorado Governor Jared Polis last week signed a bipartisan bill to fund the Space Force’s commemorative license plate, celebrating the presence of the latest military service sector in the state. The introduction of the bill was a February Military.com story that California, Colorado, and Florida did not provide a memorial plate to the Guardians, even … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope is finally ready to do science – and it sees the universe more clearly than even its own engineers expected.

NASA will release the first images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope on July 12, 2022. Webb, the largest space telescope ever built, marks the beginning of the next era of astronomy when it begins collecting useful scientific data. Answering questions about the earliest moments in the universe allows astronomers to study the outer … Read more