Make dark semiconductors shine

In their experiments, Oldenberg physicists directed laser light at very thin semiconductor samples with a variety of optics.Credit: University of Oldenburg Whether a solid can emit light, for example as a light emitting diode (LED), depends on the energy level of the electrons in its crystal lattice. An international team of researchers, led by Dr. … Read more

NFT .NYC — How Web3 Space validates the work of digital artists

After the 4th Annual NFT.NYC Conference, participants had the opportunity to reflect on a week of artistic inspiration, community networking, and developer innovation from within the non-fungible token (NFT) space. .. The June 19th Digital Diaspora event, a sequel to last year’s popular debut, will serve as a dedicated exhibition, panel discussion and fundraiser to … Read more

Geminus.AI has announced the completion of a $ 5.9 million seed round led by Lam Capital and SK Inc.

Jaecheol Lee, Managing Director of SKInc.’S Digital Investment Center, said: Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2022 Geminus.AI, a global leader in physical information-based AI, has announced the completion of $ 5.9 million in seed funding led by Lam Capital, a venture capital arm of a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer, and South Korean industrial … Read more

Better management of public spaces is the key to New York City’s recovery

Public space (Photo: John McCurtain / City Council) Summer is in full swing, with street fairs, parades and block parties enlivening public spaces throughout New York City. But these vital signs of urban life lie alongside indicators of the challenges we face. Garbage blocking sidewalks, lack of staff to rejuvenate important community spaces, and threats … Read more

Event space opens in Wildlife Sanctuary after COVID-19 related delays

Greg SubertWaupaca County Post Green Bay – For nearly 90 years, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary has been renowned as the home of Wisconsin’s second-largest wildlife rehabilitation program. We take care of more than 6,000 orphans and injured animals each year. After being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sanctuary has also given itself … Read more

Quantum control of the components of life

Illustration of carbon molecules undergoing laser cooling.Credits: Nicoletta Barolini, Columbia University Life (as we know) is based on carbon. Despite its ubiquity, this important element still holds many secrets on Earth and in heaven above us. For example, astrophysicists such as Daniel Wolfsabin of Colombia, who is studying the interstellar cloud, have found that chemicals … Read more