OMB’s opposition to the Space National Guard based on false estimates

Washington, June 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / -45,000 voices of current and former National Guard officers appealed to the President Joe Biden Rethink that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget opposes the creation of the National Guard.

The Pentagon was proposing the National Guard as a component of the US Space Force until last fall, when the OMB unexpectedly announced its opposition to the idea.

OMB’s position was cost-based, but the calculation could turn out to be costly for the country, and Brig retired. General J Roy RobinsonPresident NGAUS becomes president June 7 letter.

“The OMB mistakenly assumed that all states would launch the Space National Guard, which drastically increased cost forecasts,” Robinson wrote. “In fact, the National Guard initially contained only 1,000 space experts in 14 units in eight states and territories.

“According to the Pentagon, the launch cost is about $ 250,000 — The price to change the sign and uniform name tag, ”he explained. The Saudi Arabian National Guard has the potential to grow in the future, but only to meet the requirements specified by the Space Force. “

Parliament has the final say, and lawmakers are currently discussing this issue. The House of Representatives and the Senate have laws that create a National Guard for Space. However, protracted OMB opposition remains controversial and often prevents Pentagon officials from providing candid assessments.

Robinson said a relatively small investment in the Space National Guard would prevent the country from paying much higher prices later.

“As directed by the OMB, if the space mission currently being carried out by the Air National Guard is transferred to a single component, the Space Force, our country will incur the cost of greater damage. “President NGAUS wrote. “Some of these units have their own mission, including the country’s only viable and durable missile warning and nuclear detection systems. These units need to be completely rebuilt from scratch. Yes, it can take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Temporarily, the country will go without some significant capabilities. “

Space Force Chief General John W. “Jay” Raymond has repeatedly said that the country cannot complete military space missions without the Air National Guard space units.

The immediate challenge is that these space units are currently deployed in the Air Force. The Air Force is no longer conducting space operations. This causes management and operational management issues in addition to resource issues.

As the OMB directs, if a space unit is removed from the Air National Guard, the country will not only lose some of the most talented and experienced space professionals in uniform, but will also be learned by civilians in the future. You will lose much of your ability to utilize your skills. Robinson said.

“As part of the National Guard’s family, the National Guard allows professionals outside the active army to serve their country on a uniform part-time basis, and when our country needs them most. We know better than most people that it is a means .. And, as you know, the National Guard, unlike other army components, connects the United States to that army. “

Robinson said some governors would also lose their ability to respond domestically. The Air National Guard space unit has provided a critical eye on the sky during recent floods and wildfires.

About NGAUS:

The association includes more than 45,000 current and former security guards. It was created in 1878 to provide a unified representative of the National Guard in Washington. At the first productive conference after the reconstruction, North and South militia officers formed an association with the goal of gaining better equipment and training by educating Congress on security requirements. Today, 144 years later, NGAUS has the same mission.

SOURCE American National Guard Association


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