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The London Tech Bridge (LTB) leverages partnerships with the Royal Navy Research Office (ONR Global) and Chief Technology Officer Royal Navy Office to promote connectivity, agility and innovation. This place sponsors dialogue, co-investment and co-development between the two navies.

“The opening of the London Techbridge Innovation Hub represents a new way for wonderful minds to gather in a unique atmosphere, share ideas and techniques, and promote more effective research collaboration,” said Navy Research. Mr. Laurin Selby, the director, said. “This US-UK joint partnership is important to drive new ideas and keep the Navy in control.

“We are looking for a partner with a strong curiosity, a passion for action and a commitment to science and technology excellence.”

LTB was first launched at a virtual ceremony at the end of 2020, but has already made progress by moving the needle of innovation.

For example, it played an important role in the recent APEX Underwater Challenge. London Tech Bridge coordinates and arranges three research grant sponsorships to teams at the University of Rhode Island (USA), Robert Gordon University (Scotland), and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) to carry out the challenge. Did. These teams helped an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) sense an object with sonar or an optical camera and convey what it “sees” to the operator.

Maj. Gen. James Parkin, who cut the ribbon on behalf of the Royal Navy, said:

“London TechBridge does exactly what’s written on the can. Being in London, right next to the Army’s Strategic Headquarters and in the heart of this great world city, is the latest in defense innovation. Not only is it possible to get in touch with the idea, but it also provides physical access to various organizations and individuals. The most exciting technological research and development in the world.

“That’s why it’s all about Tech. The UK with the UK’s world-leading academic, industrial and public sector organizations, sharing an understanding of the exciting development of autonomy, materials, platforms, sensors, processing and concepts. Unleash the Navy’s ties. Achieve our common goals.

“And perhaps most importantly, it’s a figurative bridge that allows the Royal Navy to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach the US Navy and vice versa, and one or both of us have identified. Solve the problem.

“We pay tribute to those who made the London Tech Bridge a reality at the U.S. Navy Research Department and the Royal Navy’s Chief Technology Officer. Each team will work more closely than ever to pursue our pursuit. I am very much looking forward to it. A common purpose. “

The new location at LTB will also host its first “T & Tech” in June, launching monthly sessions with industries in specific tech areas. Tea and Tech allows businesses to market their ideas and technologies to the US and British navies.

Tech bridge network

The TechBridge network with NavalX spans 18 locations both domestically and internationally. This network is designed to bridge the gap between the Navy and start-ups, SMEs, academia, nonprofits, private capital and other start-ups that were not previously part of the Navy’s development and acquisition process. I am.

There are some things in common between them, but Tech Bridges provides unique services and priority areas within the ecosystem based on the needs of customers in their respective areas of responsibility. The LTB is uniquely built on the historical relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom and has several key focus areas such as artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, directed energy, green energy, advanced manufacturing, maintenance and maintenance. Pursuing innovation and technology at.

Tech Bridge has defined these focus areas to guide its work, but remains open to innovative ideas and game-changing technologies. Stay agile and anticipate key areas that will evolve over time. Lawrence Malinson, Royal Navy Commander, Co-Director of the Royal Navy, emphasized the need for techbridge flexibility.

“Because it started virtually a year ago, it’s great to finally have a place to host these important face-to-face meetings and collaboration events. We are at the heart of the world’s most advanced technology centers. , Can bring state-of-the-art technology solutions to naval issues, “he said. “We focus on challenging industries by solving some of the most pressing problems the Navy is trying to solve, and pay attention to seafarers and marines on some of Britain’s best new technologies. ”.

To pursue these key areas, the LTB will change how the Navy interacts with the industry, especially small businesses and non-traditional defense contractors, according to U.S. co-director Jeffrey Brewer. I am.

“TechBridge in central London provides access to start-ups and innovators. This location allows us to stand on an equal footing with tech companies, start-ups and innovators in an open and friendly environment. . “

Adding a physical innovation hub to the LTB framework removes the barriers to general meetings when attending events at military bases, allowing for a free flow of thinking and innovation with limited bureaucracy. Will be.

NavalX offers the US Navy and Marine Corps as a cell of innovation and agility to support and connect Pentagon-wide initiatives. This organization connects teams with tools, training, and resources. This allows people to think differently and provide fighters with more effective solutions.

NavalX works extensively with ONR Global, ONR’s international arm, to sponsor scientific efforts outside the United States and work with scientists and partners around the world to discover and advance the capabilities of the Navy.

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