Lightyear Frontier Space Farm Ventures Offer High-Tech Tools to Return to Nature

A few days ago, I attended a presentation on Lightyear Frontier, a 3D farming and crafting game set in a distant planet on the edge of the galaxy. In fact, in the presentation, the game was called “portmanteau.” This isn’t portmanteau, just go a centimeter further and you’ll get a farm venture that’s closer to portmanteau and even more fun to say.

Developer FrameBreak is keen to emphasize how cool the Lightyear Frontier is. It’s very peaceful and there is no death (“Survival Game Without Survival”). It’s all about the sense of unity between ecology and nature. This sometimes feels a bit in conflict with other eye-catching things about the Light Ear Frontier.

“Mecha was the starting point for the game,” explains Joakim Hedström. “It was the only angle that felt like an interesting take. There, basically, for example, I took all the farming tools in the Farming Simulator and put them together.” The mecha was heavily influenced by the tractor. Although (much like a legged tractor in many of the screenshots), it can be customized and strapped to a new tool. It can be a bit deformed-maybe you can switch from chunky legs to caterpillar trucks and boost the entire terrain a bit faster. It’s a “fantasy of farming power if you do”.

Light Ear Frontier Agricultural Mecha, a bright red machine that looks like an armed tractor

Sturdy metal

Your mecha also has a gun, but it’s a good gun. As Hedström says, “shoot to create.” For example, you can circulate various tools attached to the arm of a mecha, fire resource drills into the tree, and scoop those resources with a kind of hoover. Most pleasingly, you plant crops by literally firing seeds on the ground. Agriculture in space is pretty high tech. Friendly AI will help you. You can also send a tethered drone with a scan camera to sweep in the immediate vicinity.

The starting area of ​​the planet is a more global location, with recognizable green grass and trees that look like ordinary trees, but further away from the crashed spacecraft, we encounter strange things. To do. You wouldn’t grow regular corn, that’s for sure. There are regular concerns that different weather types are bad for your plants, but Hedström may come across plants that hate water altogether and must be protected from the rain instead of watering, for example. Say no. And Frame Break has spent years, says Hedström.Make sure you can customize the farm layout properly and strive to make it nice-your raised bed goes hereOnly your water silo there.

The comparison games quoted by Framebreak are like My Time At Sandrock, Astroneer, and Satisfactory, but they got a kind of Stardew Valley atmosphere from the idealized life of a small mansion. And despite that call to Satisfactory, developers actually tried to avoid automation. Robots can’t do all the farming.

Players explore the beach from within the Light Year Frontier mecha

I think that’s what I was interested in. It’s a high-tech and low clash. Space settings, big old monster mechas, and weird plants and animals have a twist, but the heart of the formula is more familiar. The key pillars described are the world of sandboxes, the theoretically endless and infinitely playable nature of the game, the mysterious story, and part of its cooperation and community, playing with friends. .. This is all linked by open exploration. Explore the world of sandboxes with your peers, continue to build and improve your homestead, and at the same time unravel the mystery. Bad-a-bing, bad-a-tractor.

However, it should be emphasized that this was a very short handoff presentation of pre-recorded edited game footage. This is all I was told, not I tried it myself. Still, if you are interested in all farming sim businesses like me, Light Year Frontier is what you might want to start your engine. It will be released next year.

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