LA Rams ILB Science: Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy

The more I learn about the LA Rams in the combination of veteran Bobby Wagner and second-year linebacker Ernest Jones linebacker, the more I like it. Historically, the LA Rams have long devoted resources to other positions in defense, making it a second nature to develop a way for defense to win the day as a defense donut.

In the middle of the inner linebacker roaming around is a wildcard for team and defense hits or misses. When the internal linebackers played a good match, it turned out to be a positive surprise from time to time. But when they lost their position, missed a tackle, or simply couldn’t stop in the third down, we knew it would be a long day.

now? There is reason to believe that the LA Rams defense may have a completely different feel this season. Why? Well, when Rams’ defense is on the field, I don’t foresee myself whitening many third-down plays. In fact, I’m really looking forward to those opportunities. why?

LA Rams and all fans have learned that experienced veterans can make a big difference to this roster. We were all happy and surprised at how positive the impact of veterans outside linebacker Von Miller last season. Not only did he contribute to the team with his own performance, but he was also the calm and stable force of the locker room.

So what can we expect from within this year’s LA Rams defense? Well, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s the Big Bang theory. Now let’s evaluate different scientific disciplines and discuss how each one can improve Rams’ defenses.


The fact that LA Rams has taken advantage of two of the most powerful ILBs in the team’s recent history cannot be ignored. Ernest Jones has just returned to the second season, but he clearly shows that this defense can make a difference. He’s not just a run stopper, he’s already looking at the entire football field and already showing signs of defensive knowledge to predict where and what the attack is planning.

Now, if you put veteran Bobby Wagner side by side with Jones, the power will be doubled. Bobby Wagner sits down and doesn’t guess. He diagnoses play and arrives at the hole as the running back progresses. It usually results in a tackle with little or no profit.


The compatibility between Ernest Jones and Bobby Wagner already shows signs of something special. Wagner is a veteran who knows that his role on the Rams team is more than producing on the football field. He is a practical mentor / coach for all young linebackers on the team. He should not underestimate that role.

Like the 2021 Miller, Wagner will not only help create consistency from young players, but will also be a valuable sounding board for team veterans. And the ability to collaborate and troubleshoot on the fly will be the true value of having Bobby Wagner in the field.


Binary star. Many solar systems in the universe are considered to be binary star systems. We are much more familiar with isolated systems (as it is our solar system), but astronomers estimate that 85 percent of the existing stars in the universe are part of the binary system. increase. So how does this relate to football?

Simply put, LA Rams’ pursuit of a second star in a position inside a linebacker is not just an addition. The inclusion of a second solid, perhaps even the elite, among the linebackers allows the Rams’ defense to explore new ways to use their surplus talent in that position.

Does this mean an A-gap electric shock? Will Rams be less likely to put a third safety on the field? Will Rams take advantage of Base 3-4 defenses? With two stars in the field, it covers less weaknesses.

Will Rams’ defense be an automatic upgrade this season? perhaps. But science is sound. And by looking at the team from a scientific rather than statistical perspective, we can already begin to see many ways this new defense configuration will benefit the team this season.

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