Is Callisto Protocol a Dead Space Retread?

During the PlayStation State of Play event, and again at Summer Game Fest 2022, gamers were able to see more of Striking Distance Studios’ latest survival horror games. Callisto protocol.. The game will be played in the distant future when humans have mastered space travel and have been colonized by other worlds. Players move through an isolated space station facing a heavily mutated monster.It ’s a familiar story to fans of Dead Space I know the franchise very well.nevertheless Callisto protocol Looks like a really scary experience, it may be a bit too similar Dead Space..

Dead SpaceThe creator of Glen Schofield is also the co-founder of Striking Distance Studios. Callisto protocol It’s the first game in the studio, so it makes sense to borrow from Schofield’s biggest hit.However, most of what has been shown in the game so far is not original or different. Dead Space.. Callisto protocol Borrow a lot from Dead Space In fact, it may lack its own identity.

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Another deadly space colony

first time Dead Space The game has scared fans all the time in 2008. The player took on the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer looking for his girlfriend Nicole on the spacecraft Ishimura in the 23rd century. Issac is forced to fight a resuscitated, mutated corpse called Necromorphs by disturbing the hallucinations caused by an unknown infection. Neither Issac nor the players can completely trust their reality. Dead Space We blended psycho-horror and sci-fi action to create something unique and thrilling.

Well, in 2022 Callisto protocol Looks like the original retread Dead Space Than your own game. Players control Jacob Lee trying to escape from Black Iron Prison in Callisto, Jupiter’s Moon in 2320. Once again, the player has to go through a human who has been transformed into a monster by some mysterious pathogen. The two games share very similar assumptions.

The similarities aren’t just about the story of the game. Callisto protocolAesthetics feels like a copy of Dead Spaceand.Jacob’s spacesuit immediately reminds us of Issak’s iconic suit. Dead Space.. Even in the world of Callisto Dead Space universe. Callisto protocol Seems to have worked better as a sequel Dead Space From the new IP.

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Rehashed gameplay

Dead SpaceThe tight over-the-shoulder perception of the third person kept things suspenseful. To survive, Issak was forced to use his mining equipment and any other tools he could find to protect himself from Necromorph. Players always felt unprepared, surrounded by what was coming next. This increased the risk of the game causing it.

Callisto ProtocoI seem to be retreading much of this type of gameplay. This new game uses the same tight third-person perspective and improvised weapons. The new gameplay demo demonstrated the ability to psychokineticly pick up enemies and put them at risk for the environment.This seems to work very similar Dead SpaceKinesis ability. Players can pick up objects and throw them at enemies.

flat Callisto protocolUI looks the same as Dead Space.. The neon light bar behind Jacob’s neck represents his health bar, much like the light on Issak’s back. The gun produces a holographic display that shows the number of ammunition. Dead Space..famous Dead Space Stomp animation is back Callisto protocol..

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Is there more Callisto protocol?

For fans of Dead Space I just want more of the same type of experience Callisto protocol It seems to be a perfect game.It clearly flaunts the familiar assumptions and familiar gameplay drawn straight from the original. Dead Space..The person who fell in love Dead Space You might choose to repeat the process again, but there seems to be little to offer regarding unique gameplay and features.

Callisto protocol It will be released on December 2nd of this year.That’s why Striking Distance Studios has this game Dead Space.. The studio may still have some surprises on its sleeves.I still have enough time Callisto protocol It’s just Dead Space clone.

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