I was able to discover a new kind of particle around a black hole through gravitational waves

On February 11, 2016, researchers at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced for the first time the detection of gravitational waves (GW). As predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity, these waves result from the fusion of giant objects, which can cause and detect ripples through space-time. Since then, astrophysicists have studied physics … Read more

“Fixed radio physics can’t meet demand”: AT & T’s Jeff McElfresh’s proceedings against FWA leadership

Jeff McElfresh, COO of AT & T, has been playing a long game as AT & T is considering investing in infrastructure. This does not include leading fixed wireless access as a reliable offer for home and business broadband. McElfresh emphasized that 5G and Fiber are AT & T’s core businesses, with a focus on … Read more

Make dark semiconductors shine

In their experiments, Oldenberg physicists directed laser light at very thin semiconductor samples with a variety of optics.Credit: University of Oldenburg Whether a solid can emit light, for example as a light emitting diode (LED), depends on the energy level of the electrons in its crystal lattice. An international team of researchers, led by Dr. … Read more

Geminus.AI has announced the completion of a $ 5.9 million seed round led by Lam Capital and SK Inc.

Jaecheol Lee, Managing Director of SKInc.’S Digital Investment Center, said: Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2022 Geminus.AI, a global leader in physical information-based AI, has announced the completion of $ 5.9 million in seed funding led by Lam Capital, a venture capital arm of a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer, and South Korean industrial … Read more

Quantum control of the components of life

Illustration of carbon molecules undergoing laser cooling.Credits: Nicoletta Barolini, Columbia University Life (as we know) is based on carbon. Despite its ubiquity, this important element still holds many secrets on Earth and in heaven above us. For example, astrophysicists such as Daniel Wolfsabin of Colombia, who is studying the interstellar cloud, have found that chemicals … Read more

Daily bucket. Dredging my past.

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“I was physics, when physics wasn’t cool.” [funningforrest, Christmas 1957] I can’t say I’m in a slump right now, but for me this year it’s a slump from a nature photography perspective. There are no hawks around. In the months before they returned, the meadows and streams dried, the same old “same old” birds … … Read more

The best Steam game of 2022 so far

The Highest-Rated Steam Games of 2022 (So Far)

2022 turned out to be a pretty exciting year for video games.Announcement of long-awaited titles like Street fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Saints Row Remake with Last us I’ve been looking forward to gamers. There is certainly a temptation to look ahead, but there were already a lot of releases earlier this year. However, … Read more

Forget the laser.Hot new tools for physicists are healthy

Sound waves can also steer objects inside living things. Daniel Ahmed, an engineer at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, recently used ultrasound to move hollow plastic beads inside a living zebrafish embryo. By conducting these experiments, Ahmed aims to demonstrate the potential of using sound to direct drugs to target sites in animals such as tumors. … Read more

Neutrino: “Ghostly Chameleon” becomes even more mysterious

Neutrinos have long been one of the most complex and mysterious of all known subatomic particles, but neutrinos became even more confused after two groups of scientists published contradictory results. Neutrinos are like ghostly chameleons Neutrinos are often referred to as ghosts in the world of physics because they interact little with matter and easily … Read more