Top Ballet Schools in the USA: Shaping the Future of Dance

Ballet Schools in the USA


Ballet, a classical form of dance, demands exceptional skill, discipline, and passion. Across the United States, numerous prestigious ballet schools provide aspiring dancers with the opportunity to receive world-class training and pursue their dreams. In this article, we will explore the best ballet schools in the USA, where talented students are nurtured and shaped into professional ballet dancers.

Ballet Schools in the USA

  1. The School of American Ballet (SAB) – New York City Located in the heart of New York City, the School of American Ballet (SAB) stands as one of the leading ballet schools in the country. Founded in 1934 by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, SAB is the official school of the renowned New York City Ballet. With a curriculum emphasizing Balanchine technique, SAB offers comprehensive training for students ranging from young children to advanced pre-professional levels.
  2. The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre (ABT) – New York City The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre (ABT) is another esteemed institution located in New York City. Associated with the legendary American Ballet Theatre, this school provides world-class training and has a rich legacy of producing exceptional ballet dancers. The curriculum focuses on the ABT National Training Curriculum, offering a well-rounded education in ballet technique, repertoire, and dance history.
  3. The Joffrey Ballet School – New York City and Los Angeles With campuses in both New York City and Los Angeles, the Joffrey Ballet School offers diverse training opportunities for aspiring dancers. Known for its strong focus on contemporary and jazz styles in addition to classical ballet, the Joffrey Ballet School provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for a versatile career in dance.
  4. The School of Pennsylvania Ballet – Philadelphia Located in Philadelphia, the School of Pennsylvania Ballet has been training dancers since 1962. As the official school of the Pennsylvania Ballet Company, this institution provides a rigorous curriculum that encompasses classical ballet technique, pointe work, variations, and contemporary dance. The school’s emphasis on strong technique and artistic expression has contributed to the success of many of its alumni.
  5. Houston Ballet Academy – Houston The Houston Ballet Academy, associated with the Houston Ballet Company, is renowned for its exceptional training and dedication to developing well-rounded dancers. With a comprehensive curriculum that includes ballet technique, pointe work, character dance, and variations, the academy nurtures students from a young age through their pre-professional years, providing them with the skills necessary to pursue a career in ballet.


The United States is home to numerous outstanding ballet schools, each offering a unique approach to training aspiring dancers. From the iconic School of American Ballet in New York City to the Houston Ballet Academy in Texas, these institutions play a crucial role in shaping the future of ballet in America. Through their dedication to technical excellence, artistic expression, and fostering a love for dance, these schools have produced countless accomplished dancers who have gone on to grace the world’s most prestigious stages.


It’s important for aspiring ballet students to research and visit these schools to determine which institution aligns with their goals and aspirations. Each school has its own distinct style, faculty, and resources, allowing students to find an environment that suits their needs.

While this article highlights some of the best ballet schools in the USA, it’s important to note that there are several other exceptional schools across the country. Whether it’s the Boston Ballet School, San Francisco Ballet School, or other esteemed institutions, aspiring dancers have numerous options to receive top-notch training.

Ultimately, these ballet schools act as the foundation for aspiring dancers, providing them with the knowledge, technique, and discipline required to pursue a successful career in ballet. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, these institutions continue to shape the future of dance in the United States and inspire generations of dancers to reach new heights of artistry and grace.

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