Apologies to high school physics teacher

Mark German

Thanks to my enthusiastic reaction to my column on how to adapt miracles to faith that does not need to be ignorant of science.

Q: As you suggested “Crossing the Red Sea,” I certainly sympathize with those who are trying to explain the obvious biblical miracles in naturally occurring cosmic events. Unfortunately, this can only be obtained until its own weight collapses. For example, in the explanation of Exodus 17 of Moses, Joshua’s army can beat Amarekite by lifting his arm with support to prevent the sun from setting (I think). Can you imagine the turmoil of the planet’s universe that would have happened? Even more problematic is the unreasonable NT miracle (for us Christians). For example, the fact that Lazaro was put into a grave a few days later and stood up from the dead even notes that he began to smell (John’s Gospel and this Gospel only).

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