Now there is a big party in the Kannywood industry. Watch how the actors behaved at the party…

A party was held in the Kannywood industry where Muhammad Bashir Mai Shadda got married, that is, this party was undoubtedly popular.

As you know, this is a regular celebration of the brother of Abubakar Bashir Mai Shadda, that is, Kanin Sane got married and at this time where people are allowed to participate in this regular celebration.

The heroes of Dadama were present at this festival where everyone played an important role in this festival with the bride and groom wishing for good luck and wishing for descendants from the city.

This is just a little bit from our report on how this wedding ceremony of Muhammad Bashir Mai Shadda was conducted. May God bless them with peace, amen.

We are very grateful for your visit to this unique and blessed home of Edunoz.Com.

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