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At this time, the player of the Manchester United football team, Mason Greenwood, was arrested because he broke the law…

At this time, Manchester United football team player, Mason Greenwood, was also arrested because he broke the law that was given to him on bail.

Mason Greenwood, 21 years old, is accused of rape and sexual assault in January of this year.

He is also being questioned about the claim that he will kill.

Greenwood, who played one game for the England football team, is yet to be heard on charges of the crime he is accused of having committed, and was granted bail in June of this year.

The BBC understands that the United player has been further detained at his home in Bowdon, Greater Manchester.

Old Trafford has already suspended the player from training until the investigation of the alleged crime is completed.


Nike has already canceled the contract with him, and Electronic Arts has removed him from the Fifa 22 game.

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