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The presidential candidate and leader of the NNPP party in Nigeria, Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso….

The presidential candidate and leader of the opposition party NNPP in Nigeria, Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, has said that there is no truth in the issues that rulers and governments are saying that there is no money in the country until the debts are raised to carry out projects.

In an interview with Edunoz, the former governor of Kano said that he made me and he will not stop saying that there is enough money in Nigeria, saying that the debts that are being raised are fake.

Senator Kwankwaso said that when he had the opportunity, he showed the people of Kano state such examples, because it is always people who praise the wealth of the country.

The former governor of Kano gave an example of his first term as governor in 1999, where he said he inherited debt and paid it, and he did not leave any debt when he stepped down from power in 2003.

He added that even in 2011 he found big debts, and he also paid them.

He said people don’t like the truth, especially when they hold government positions.

The presidential candidate said that he cannot say what score he will give to the current government, but it is known to everyone that Nigeria is in a state of insecurity.

“People are always being killed, people are always escaping, people are always being displaced from their homes.

“During the contest, he said that I will continue to attract the attention of the Nigerian government so that it will look at the area in which it will bring relief to the people of this country.

“Poverty has affected many people, for school teachers, for the poor and everyone in a bad situation, said Kwankwaso.

We are very grateful to you, thank you for gathering a lot of true lovers, come forward and join us in this blessed house of mine” Edunoz.Com.

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