Ali Jita ft Sani Plumber – Talaka Original Sound

The new song of Ali Jita Tareda Sani Plumber where they sing a song called Taalaka and this song they send a message to the people of this country.

Ali Jita Yasaki A New Song Together With A New Singer Named Plumber And The Song Is About The Situation Our Country Is In.

God is the king of the poor. There is no doubt that the poor man is a servant of God and he is in a certain situation. Of course, the singer Ali Jita and Sani Plumber have sent a hot message to the leaders of this country about the situation that the poor man is in.

That’s why we have made the video of this song so that you can watch and hear the words of the singer Yasa’ka.

We are very grateful to our fans for visiting this special website “Edunoz.Com”.

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