Hasana Muhammad Prayers with Abubakar Bashir Mai Shadda

The prayers of the bridegroom Bashir with his wife and heroine Jasana Muhammad at this time were also beautiful.

Abu’bakar Bashir Mai Shadda and his bride Hasana Muhammad, his wife, must have washed their hands of the Great Prayer.

Heroine Hasana Muhammad and her husband Abu’bakar Bashir, of course, were shocked.

There is no doubt that Abu Bakr Bashir and his bride, Heroine Hasana Muhammad, after their return from the Eid prayers, took some pictures and looked really good.

This is our account of the ablution of the Eid prayer of the bride and groom, Abubakar Bashir, accompanied by Hasana Muhammad.

Congratulations to the fans of Edunoz.Com.

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