10 best space movies like Lightyear

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Light Year.

Earn only $ 51 million on that first weekend, Lightyear Failed to overtake Jurassic World Dominion With box office income. Despite this upset, Buzz’s escape at T’Kani Prime is not in vain as it joins the epic collection of epic space films.

With the theme of the universe Lightyear Buzz and Alisha’s platonic friendship and time dilation are important plot points, and the story is “infinite and beyond.”Other space movies like Interstellar When Wally Emulated a similar story-some of which inspire the Pixar movie itself.

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First Man (2018)

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of FirstmanNeil Armstrong, a NASA engineer, died after undergoing a dangerous flight test prior to his expedition to the historic Moon. While conducting these tests, Neil needs to balance his family life. Especially because he is dealing with the death of his daughter.

Neil’s space flight Lightyear, There is no easy mission. Neil and Buzz face similar challenges with many experimental failures, whether they build a functional spacecraft or compound hyperdrive fuel. Still, both films show humanity to both characters, showing that life is more than work. From Alisha to Neil’s friends and family, the people they love are their motivations to continue regardless of frustration. Neil’s story is friendly, as Ryan Gosling’s live performance depicts astronauts dealing with loss, sadness, and closure.

Wally (2008)

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But Lightyear May not be Pixar’s best movie, others Wally There is almost perfect storytelling. As the last robot on Earth, Wally spends time cleaning up the planet, developing his personality in the process. As EVE arrives on Earth and analyzes the situation, WALL-E will follow it on an exciting adventure and begin a new friendship.

in the meantime Lightyear Stick to science fiction themes such as extraterrestrial life, robots, and time dilation Wally It has a much more meaningful premise to make it a unique space movie. Given that the movie introduces the terrible situation of the planet, it hints at a warning about climate change. The Space Commission is no more different, but both films represent friendship as an important element of the character’s overall arc. The playful relationship between Wally and Eve is comparable to the close bond between Buzz and Alisha, giving momentum to the purpose of the galaxy.

Treasure Planet (2002)

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The fun part of space travel includes intergalactic travel, Treasure Planet Is a rare Disney jewel that can successfully combine space adventure and treasure hunting. When young Jim Hawkins encounters a treasure map, he joins John Silver and discovers the hidden gold.

Jim resonates with Buzz Lightyear when their story ends with the growth and maturity of the character from their experience-Buzz was promoted as a space ranger and Jim became an interstellar cadet.With that in mind Lightyear It has been praised for its animation, Treasure Planet Is a more notable and perfect Disney movie to provide beautiful, colorful, stylish visuals and a fun atmosphere.

Martian (2015)

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Martian Matt Damon

of MartianMark Watney is stuck on Mars, after a storm pulls him away from his team. When NASA learns of his survival, he must use the available resources and utilize his botanical expertise to stay alive until his rescue.

Most space films maintain a solemn tone, Martian It creates a thrilling yet comedy atmosphere. Mark makes the most of the situation with humor and bohemian energy-like jamming to David Bowie.Share similar plot points as Lightyear, Buzz and Mark are stuck on a hostile planet. Both protagonists couldn’t be any more similar, showing their determination and quick thinking when adapting to changing situations, and their friends encourage them to endure dangerous missions. Thing.

Star Wars: New Hope (1977)

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Chewbacca, Han, Leia and Luke stand together in Star Wars: New Hope

Well known Star Wars Is one of the best science fiction franchises depicting space wars. While it continues to expand its extraordinary universe “in a galaxy far away” New hope It’s a story that started everything, introducing Luke, Leia, and Han, a trio facing the Galactic Empire.

via YouTube interview, LightyearMentioned by Angus MacLane, director and co-author of Star Wars As one of the influential films that led to the creation of Buzz’s Origin Story.Space opera is narratively different, but the overall details are Lightyear Explain the reference to Star Wars.. They include Buzz’s spacesuit (Luke’s pilot suit node), spacecraft design (reminiscent of Luke’s X-wing), and Zurgu’s look (similar to Darth Vader).

Planet 51 (2009)

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Planet 51 Family

Planet 51 It features common sci-fi-fi themes, especially green aliens. It is the astronauts who land and explore planet 51 instead of the extraterrestrials that come to Earth.

Both films feature aliens, but they are portrayed as more prominent and friendly residents. Planet 51..In contrast, hostile lifeforms in flight Lightyear It’s not the main villain, it just sets the stage for the movie commentary. Despite different runs, both films share similar assumptions about astronauts stuck on the planet, embark on a fun adventure to find a way home, and mimic the theme of friendship and courage.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

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Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey A man in an orange spacesuit.

of 2001: A Space OdysseyThe mysterious black monolith is the connection between the past and the future, but the method is unknown. Two scientists, Dr. David Bowman and Dr. Frank Poole, are on their way to Jupiter to help the HAL9000 computer or simply “HAL” to uncover its origins.

Stanley Kubrick’s film masterpiece is a groundbreaking film that changed the genre of the universe and became the inspiration behind it. LightyearArt design.via varietySet Art Director Greg Peltz 2001: A Space Odyssey As an impact when creating technical visuals in Lightyear.. Details are eerily noticeable from the Buzz exploration vessel. Discovery One HAL’s iconic shining red lens that stimulates the image of Zurg. 2001: A Space Odyssey The human-machine conflict conveys a darker tone, but its vague endings are captivating to the viewer because of the deeper meaning behind human evolution.

The Right Stuff (1983)

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The Right Stuff (1983)

of The right one, NASA’s space program pushes the boundaries beyond space. Astronauts like John Glenn and Alan Shepard have been selected for the expedition, and experiencing failures, discouragement, and conflicts with flight tests complicates things and can have a huge impact on family life.

Just as Buzz tried to formulate the correct hyperdrive fuel LightyearThe character of the first act of The right one Also, repeat trial and error before the test is successful.But The right one Presents historical events on the big screen, but still echoes LightyearStorytelling features from character tenacity to learning to work with teams without giving up and relieving tension with unexpected humor.

Aliens (1986)

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Alien Newt Ellen Ripley Wasteland

50 years since the event alien, Ripley wakes up from her sleep and helps a group of Marines fight the reptile creatures she once faced. While in Moon LV-426, they come across a young girl that Ripley must protect at any cost.

alien Is one of the best sci-fi thrillers and sees Ripley now fighting evil creatures.Because aliens play an important role LightyearIn the commentary, it’s not surprising that some footage eerily duplicates the iconic scene from. alien -Like a colony outpost. of course, alien The sequel produces a horror-like tone that brings chills and horror, but Sigourney Weaver’s powerful performance shines overall with a determined and fearless attitude.

Interstellar (2014)

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Matthew McConaughey as a Cooper between the stars

Probably a space movie in the mirror LightyearThe theme and premise of Christopher Nolan Interstellar.. When the Earth slowly becomes habitable due to the dust bowl, humans’ only hope is to move to a new planet. NASA pilot Cooper governs this space mission with his research team, but embarking on this journey means that he may never see his family again.

Interstellar Is a cinematic experience with beautiful visuals, Hans Zimmer’s impeccable scores, and thought-provoking emotional stories about space and time.It also shares storylines with many plot devices. LightyearFrom exploring the planet to emotional intimate relationships with the protagonist’s loved ones. Both Cooper and Buzz endure the risks of space travel and experience the effects of time dilation. Their friends and family are the driving force behind their pursuit.

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